How To Properly Maintain Kitchen Appliances

Today, Kitchen appliances are a cornerstone of life. They make work easier and simple compared to living without them. It is difficult to imagine cooking over open fires or living without a functioning refrigerator. It is no wonder then that broken appliances can become a huge problem in most households. It is therefore important to hire a competent and professional appliance service for all installations and repair work for household appliances.

All appliances eventually start breaking down and diminishing towards the end of their lifespan. Despite the fact that this occurrence is inevitable, regular maintenance is recommended because it increases the longevity of these appliances. It is cheaper to repair items than it is to replace them altogether.

Repairing vs. Replacing Appliances

It is cheaper to repair a broken down kitchen appliance like the stove than it is to replace it. This ensures that it works efficiently and continues to serve consumers. However, continuous stove repair makes no sense especially if it is near the end of its life, or if it has become technologically obsolete. Below are considerations when making a repair or replace decision.

Age. The age of a kitchen appliance should be considered when deciding whether to repair or replace it. Appliances have a given life cycle and past that point, they are prone to breakdowns. After this point, it is better to purchase a new appliance than repairing it. However, high-end appliances and antiques are two exceptions because they are quite expensive to replace.

Warranty. If the appliance is offered under a warranty that is still active, then having it repaired is cheaper because it will be done at significantly reduced rates, or even free of charge. Warranties are essential because often, replacement parts of kitchen appliances are expensive to obtain. This, coupled with service fees, can be higher than (or close to) the cost of buying a new appliance. If one chooses to repair their appliance, they should ensure that its warranty adequately covers the appliance service they choose, and that the service is authorized by the manufacturer.

Price. Many repair professionals hold the opinion that, if the repair cost exceeds half of an appliance’s purchase price, then one is better off making a replacement.

Minor repairs. If the repairs needed are minor and will ensure the smooth running of the appliance, then it is better to simply repair it. This will increase its lifespan.

Freezer Maintenance

Refrigerators and freezers can work for a long time before they require any repair. However, regular maintenance is required to ensure that these appliances are working effectively. Freezer repair can be avoided by doing the following:
Ensuring that the door seal is intact to maximize efficiency.
Cleaning the condenser coils regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating and stressing the unit.

It is best to keep appliances running smoothly at all times. This is commonly referred to as preventative practice. Many appliances fail or break down because of misuse or overuse by consumers. Many appliance professionals advise consumers to read and follow operational manuals provided by manufacturers. They also do not recommend DIY repairs, but insist on hiring a professional service.

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